What if I asked you to write down everything that you believed in, what would you write down?

I am not talking about some metamorphic or transitory ideas such as ‘I believe in Hip Hop’ or  ‘I believe in my country’ although if you really believe in these ideas please write them down. But I am talking about ideas that we hold about our physical reality and our reality as humans, ideas that we can actually believe in.

Beliefs in area’s such as, physics, maths, space, time, the world, animals, life, god, human social organisation / hierarchy, taxes, politics, self belief, belief in your ability, believe in the metaphysical, belief in the aim of life, in emotions, in your senses, in different types of philosophy, the end of the world, global warming, the energy crisis, belief in your attractiveness, belief in your job, belief in your marriage, belief in your actions, belief in medicine, drugs, alternative medicine, yoga, astral reading, belief in war, in violence, in corruption,  etc… or anything else that is important to you.

What if you actually wrote all of this down? What do you think you would see? What if you could compare it to others?

I think this would be seriously interesting! Perhaps we could start some kind of internet survey that could track all of this down? Try and build a kind of universal belief structure greater than mere lables, such as ‘i am a muslim’, or ‘I am a objectivist’ and chart them and compare them to standard references.

I would like to know what the world believes in 😉


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