Inner Peace.

So I’ve just finished reading, Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ and Wayne Dyer’s ‘Your Erroneous Zones’, which are basically the same book, only difference is one’s written by a German in Perpetual Zen, while the other is written by a man who must have had the word ‘Erogenous’ floating somewhere in his subconscious before he published the book.

Isn’t that true Dr Dyer? 😉 A little subliminal messaging to get the faithful to get in touch with themselves 😉 hmmm….

And it fits in with a whole class of other Zen style books like ‘the way of the peaceful warrior ‘ and others of this ilk. The truth is that I love to read this shit, like children who love to watch Scooby Do reveal the same masked butler pretending to be a ghost once again.

What’s the moral of the story, what do these books offer the searching soul?

The concept of the elusive ‘Present’. the idea that all peace is found right now, right here, not in memories of the past (which lead to guilt and remorse) or projections of the future (which lead to anxiety and apathy).

the idea is that too often, we are mentally stuck either projecting forwards or backwards and not thinking and experiencing the information current in the environment.

I think these men are right. Now i must go, speak to you later.


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