history of philosophy

I have made it one of my chief purposes to understand philosophy & to develop it in light of all that I can understand. This leads men in direct conflict with everything else in life! Because the subject is just so damned difficult. Not I suppose because it is difficult in itself, but because most of what philosophy is about, is about notions that are notoriously difficult to state in words & have profound influences once stated or accepted.

Historically it was very dangerous to state that God didn’t exist. It would have probably got you killed. Then you see Marxist philosophy led to the direct slavery and untold murder of millions, and inadvertently led to the greatest form of capitalised slavery in the world in China and hence it became very unpopular. Rightly so!
Today we have the quasi mix of Scientific, Religous & Economic philosophy that suggests that the best philosophy is not to philosophize but to run amok with capitalistic freedom. The genious of man, our inventiveness, our technology will pull us through anything. In fact it is supposed that science, technology & market forces are so advanced that it is mere foolishness to step back and try and understand it all. We are now embraced in a global consciousness where the sum is much greater than its parts. Where the average human must specialize and do his part, not to question the whole. To look beyond, to question it all, is extremely unfashionable, unless of course you have credence. And where do you find this credence?

Which leads me back to the beginning. Philosophy is profoundly difficult but has the most wide reaching of implications. People give and turn to religion because doing so relieves them from such difficulties. Most scientists do the same.

I currently have a philosophy that has rendered me quite useless (in fact I am now unable to act, as all action appears futile) , let me expound it below in point format:

A brief look at human history leads us to some definite conclusions.

1. There has been a serious trend in population increase. We may even use the term ‘explosion’.

2. That for most humans, philosophies that encourage this trend are most favourable.

3. That technological advancement has enabled this trend.

4. Therefore there is great respect for technological development to continue doing the same. We continually invest in it.

5. Religion has been similarly successful. By guiding, controlling and stabilising human behaviour, large groups of humans are able to act in unison and harmony which enables point 1. In fact most religion is nothing but tribal & ethical guidance.

6. The reason why Environmentalism has suddenly come in vogue is because it points out that 2, 3, 4 & 5 are now actually in conflict with 1 because our whole ecosystem is in danger. hence proper stewardship of nature is required to ensure that we can continue as a species and ensure point 1.

7. Hence everything is about Point 1. If not for the whole species, you hope it is true at least for you. (This is actually one of the starting points of Marx’s economic theory)

Which leads me to a conundrum. If philosophy is an inquiry into the true nature of the world it must address our actions. It must influence our actions.

Then if it is in direct conflict with point number 1, it will surely be squashed by death. Either directly because it is a threat or because the faithful do not procreate. If true philosophy is truly in conflict with point 1, surely there will be some loss of human freedom, because it is a restriction on the very activities of 6billion humans. Which I call,’Eat, fuck, Drink & Build’.

If it is not in conflict with point 1 then it is best not to philosophize and better to find the best solution to point 3 cause else disaster points the way.

Which leads me back to immobility because I believe that there’s got to be something more than this. I have no reason for substantiating this claim but I cannot accept that I am a machine to ‘Eat, fuck, Drink & Build’, although to my best judgment that’s what I am.


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