Unusual experiences can often lead to unusual thoughts. One of those occurred to me yesterday.

a modern premise:

Our behaviours / actions are a result of our projection of the environment and responses to the environment based on our prior experiences and beliefs.

Thus depending on what you believe about the world, about yourself and your self image determines how you will respond to a given environmental situation.

This explanation tends to explain why we are so habitual in our actions and why we tend to make the same mistakes over and over again.


my thought:

As I sat down yesterday at my local, with a pint in the hand, my concentration sharpened upon a lady who was in deep conversation. And my mind stilled for a long moment and cleared itself point by point of any preconceptions.

If I remove all previous experiences, then what can I know? As I watched her, I forgot she was a woman that she was a person sitting at a table having a conversation.

She transformed into pure moving form.


What if I could even remove my previous experience of seeing? What if my mind could take it to a level where it was like seeing for the first time, without prejudice?

Again this was a little scary and I had to pull out of my gaze.

But it does make you think. We need to have memory and experience to function at the most basic level. We don’t normally consider that everything that we see, even the fact of seeing itself as a memory, a body / mind memory, not only a consciously memory.

It’s like we are living out of memory, and do much less thinking than we think!

If every response is memory based, then how much of what you actually think is up to you? Aren’t you just reacting based on previous judgments? Do you even remember when you made those judgments? I know I definitely don’t!

As you walk away from this blog today, just think that even the very act of walking was learned, and what you learned now is in your body memory. Otherwise you wouldn’t even walk. Whatever goes on in your mind, even a ‘this is bullshit’ response is based upon memory judgments of what you decided you should accept as true and what you should not accept. Many times these decisions were made a long time ago in our childhood, perhaps at a time when we were not so qualified to do so.

Would you let a child run your life today, I ask you?

What if my very thoughts are just memories surfacing in response to environmental cues?

How could we transcend this?

Isn’t that a cool idea? to just accept incoming experience without filter, without mental processing,

or even cooler, processing it in a way that we want to?


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