Dancing Naked in the Mind Field

Dancing Naked in the Mind Field is the quirky (auto) biography of Kary Mullis. I happened to chance by it and gave it a quick read. Result….Super fantastic!

Kary is credited with the discovery/invention of PCR (polymerase chain reaction), which is like the grand daddy process of any kind of DNA engineering. I like this guy with his chilled Californian lifestyle and wacky ideas.

For starters he’s figured out that no one has actually scientifically studied the link between HIV and AIDS. What? you say… everyone ‘knows’ that HIV causes AIDS. Yet according to Mullis there is no proper scientific study that can even claim that there is a ‘probable cause’ forget definite cause! If you disagree, then try to find one. When you do find it, email me and cc Mullis. I am sure he would be grateful.

Then there’s the fact that he doesn’t believe in Global warming. To tell you the truth, even I find it hard to swallow that one. But the interesting thing is that, isn’t it a fact that there isn’t really any proper study done that everyone can agree on or review about the subject. If there is, and the topic is so important, why haven’t I heard of it? Why can’t I find it on the net? Granted there are a lot of websites, and books on the subject. But yet there seems to be a tenuous link between actual scientific data and conclusions. For example when I Einstien discovered the Theory of Relativity, there was actually a famous experiment done by Sir Arthur Eddington where they measured the results of the prediction. Since then even more experiments has confirmed the theory.

So why is there not one specific scientific experiment that proves ‘Global Warming’, why is there only rhetoric, scaremongering and storytelling?

Its exactly the same with the OIL situation. There seems to be no reliable information source on the worlds most important resource. Every major scientist/politician/activist has different data on how much oil there really is out there, and they simultaneously claim how complex the issue is. And how can that be? Either we have the stuff or not!

How can it be that the same people who invest in mega oil guzzling projects are the one selling the oil?

It’s a load of crock.

Anyway, its a good book and it’s not long. If you chance by it, pick it up and give a quick read.


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