Quadrinity, what is it?

Body, Mind, Heart & Soul. It is the four aspects of you that we can identify with.

The Body part is easy, we can see ourselves, modern physics fortifies it. The rest of if is harder to grasp.

The Mind, well that’s easy to spot too. It’s the part of you that thinks, has memory, the part that creates an ‘Indentity’ of  what you think you are.

The Heart, were also accustomed to finding it, yet very few of us have healthy relationships with our emotions. We are scared of them, try to suppress them, some of us are ruled by them. To me emotions hibernate in the mind but come alive in the body. I have learned to sense my emotions come alive in my body.

And finally the soul, most of us are completely oblivious to the soul, even though all life emanates from it. I have directly experienced it only once or twice, and the peace was profound. The problem with the soul is that we first need to build harmony between the body, mind & heart before it even shows itself.

now it is time for yoga.


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