Choice (part 2)

So let’s try to understand choice on a physical plane so that we have no illusions about it. Previously I have said that ‘choice’ is the only thing we have, to loose it is to loose everything, and that this is the principle cause of pain.


But physically / practically:

Don’t you have to work to earn money?

Or have to eat to live?

Or follows societies norms to be accepted as a normal human being?

Follow the Law to avoid going to Prison?

etc.. etc… etc…

In their place all these comments are true, but their truth is partial and relevant only in a limited dimension of thinking.

By ‘Choice’  we don’t mean that we transcend physics, I cannot fly like a bird. If I must fly, a plane would have to assist me.

The fact of the matter is that first you must have the desire to fly. The manifestation of that desire was very much a ‘choice’, why did you decide that you want to fly? There must be something that you desire that leads from the outcome of flying. is it a desire to get to places faster? a sense of freedom that you associate with flight? what exactly? and why does it matter? why is this desire so, so important.

When you realise that you don’t have wings you have a further choices…. for example, to get upset and depressed, to take flying lessons, to try invent a method of flying, or simply to forget the whole issue.

‘Choice’ – is merely the fact that at any time we have to choose who we are and what we want to think about, not that we can do anything physically.

And yes, when we live in Society we have to follow societies laws or face prison. That is a choice, we also have choices to fight laws, to vote, to leave for another society, to examine our needs, etc… etc…

It is the burden of being a choice machine. If you give up this right and are under the illusion that you must do something, then you are under the assumption that you don’t have a choice. That’s illusion, that entrapment, that lead’s to misery.

Why misery? Because if we don’t choose what we very deep down inside know we could have, you are bound to be unhappy. Because it is a dumb thing to do, stupidity.


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