paradox in paradise

So we have identified the root paradox. It is the paradox of paradoxes. The shit of shits. Even to deny it is to be in it.

At some point in our discussions with God he gave us the obligation to choose. Even in doing ‘F-all’.

The Christians got it right I am afraid.

It IS about freewill… “by Jehovah you’re right!” Bring out the holy cross and beg forgiveness.

So now that you know that your in it. What do you do?

Most of us try to maximise. that is to make the best choice.

making the best choice implies a global function within which we operate. Evolutionarily it would be, ‘to survive and multiply’

that is to have as many healthy and reared children as possible.

I think that is what most of us do. Even kings do just that. more wives and children. More power more money means that. Ability to multiply. women love that in men.

the rest of it is just a mask. A job.

the question is then. perhaps if each choice is random, whose outcome cannot be predicted, can the outcome of a large number of choices be predicted.  Can we bring the science of statistics into our existence.?


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