the accumulated 2

There is a second correlative to the previous post.

Modern studies into the mind, like those of Mr. Minsky, and other scientists/intellectuals from many a field (e.g. Hofstadter) do offer an explanation to how the mind works.

It is nothing but a further application of the evolutionary/physical apparatus with a little bit of math. It goes something like this.

The brain (which has evolved through evolution) is actually a collective of several different functions (or organs) that have specified duties inside the brain. Each part is vying for the more, to succeed, it is a competition within the mind (because many of the functions compete for the same mental/computational ‘space’), within a colony inside the mind. The result of the competition is a soup of electrical and chemical reactions, each particular mix is a emotion or thought. And so our thoughts can be expressed at any one time as an electro-chemical mix of the neurons inside our head. Futhermore, mathematically it can be shown that these chemical reactions are nothing but self referential algothrims, then falling into into the realm of computational mathematics, now conciousness is explained. Self referential algorithms flare out like Mandelbrot sets, the dance appears intelligent, in fact intelligence emerges from the dance.

I can see this as being broadly right but I cannot accept it. Logically, it makes sense. yet I cannot accept it.


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