The accumulated…

Knowledge is accumulated.

This statement probably requires some justification but to me the facts are that in general my mind observes phenomena, countless numbers of times, draws conclusions from this and stores the result as knowledge.

Sometimes if I am drawing from previous knowledge then the learning process is even faster. I recognise a pattern previously seen, extrapolate into the present condition, recognise that it is the same phenomenon manifesting in a different way, and add it to my knowledge base.

And thus knowledge is accumulated.

And thus my whole thought process is accumulated. The very way in which I think is accumulated. If someone shows me a better way to think, I add it to my thinking process and use it. That then becomes me. So I am accumulated. I am an Accumulation.

This is what occurred to me this morning (oh! the things that I think about!). I am accumulated and my every action is geared towards more accumulation. I want to grow as a person. I want more experience. I want more… in short I want to accumulate. To add…

This is a little bit like our economy. If the ‘economy’ doesn’t ‘grow’ generally there is panic at governmental and business level. Similarly if ‘I’ do not ‘grow; there is fear & panic at the ‘egoic’ level. The mind that stagnates, such is that, the fear of loss.

So similar is our external environment to our internal.

In the physical environment we ‘need’ to accumulate because there is a physical ‘expense’. what I eat as fuel is expended as energy and then more food is required. And the larger my store of food, the more safety I have, the more I can ask other to do stuff for food etc….

But what is the mental correlation to this. Why do I constantly want more? Is it that through mental learning I can accumulate more physically? like going to university gets you a better job?

or is there more to it?

and why do we hinge so much on what we think. Some people will kill you if you don’t believe in their god or follow their customs.

And how does this relate to the accumulated?


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