Object Models

I am writing a book in which I have been developing a model of language called ‘The Language Object Model”

The model is based on the idea that we are concious beings, that is, that we have awareness. This awareness is linked and manifests through our sense perceptions. Perceptions such as sight, smell, taste ect….

So our awareness (to the world) can be opened and closed by the related opening and closing of our senses. Our brains through evolutionary time has been able to distinguish and process awarness from all the senses
to build one coherent model for the world. This makes sense, no one thinks that what he sees is complete different in nature from the sound he hears at the same time. The model is called the ‘object model’.

Through abstractions, the brain has been able to lable each single unique type of experience, which we call objects. Language is a consistent representation of a small subset of these objects that manifests from our imagination, the obeject for which we have names.

Object Models

Now in the computing world we have the idea of ‘Object Oriented Programming’ (OOP) which revolutionized computer programming. Similarly OOP is based on the idea of creating objects out of the hardwares bit & bytes, such that each object has a unique type of experience to the program. Programmers are then free to use objects whos behaviour they previously know, or to build new objects to suit their needs and then to replicate these objects as much as they like. Ingenious.

What if we could extend these ideas further into language study or other subjects?


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