George Soros & Meditation

You might want to check this book out:

The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crash of 2008 and What It Means by George Soros

I read all the reviews on the book and found an interesting point. Most of the reviews are not favourable as to what George says, but yet the book received a 4.5 star rating! It seems that the readers are not so convinced by what he says but very happy with the way he says it. cool!

I for one found the whole thing very interesting and say a hands down thank you to George. You write excellently and make a point very clear. The import point to bear I believe is very easy to miss and many of the other reviewers have done so although their criticism is valid and often well detailed.

George agrues the following case:

The economy and market are reflective. By that he means that demand and supply are interdependent and can be, excuse me, are, manipulated by the very players that react to them. Thus decision making is not based on ‘knowledge’ but is based on ‘perception’, which is an active creation rather than passive acceptance of the former.

Thus classical economics fails, it fails because it considers that demand and supply are mutually exclusive, amongst other things.

Critics argue that this is common sense and so what’s the big fuss. It is common sense but the problem is far more subtle than that. If we are creating a market, if we are creating the economy, then the theories that we have about the economy become of tantamount importance. This is because we create self reinforcing theories. What we believe, we create. The real problem occurs when belief goes so out of whack with reality that at some point everything collapses.

The very core of George’s argument is that you can never have a ‘true’ theory for the economy because the players will always adapt themselves to avoid being predictable. What really is needed is that accurate, unbiased information is made available to the public, not theories. Now that really does make sense.

The art of meditation:

True meditation is based also on similar concepts. In meditation one often talks about the intellect and the conscious mind. The intellect bases all its power on the ability to distinguish separate and concrete concepts that can be then intellectually manipulated. In meditation it is the conciousness that becomes aware of the intellect’s tendency to ‘concretize’ idea’s, when in reality nothing is really concrete. We can only really ever be aware of what there is, the rest is our own creation.

This cannot be effectively written, because what is written has been made concrete, we can only flirt with the idea. This is what the critics of George’s book fail to see.

Where does this bring us with reflection to George?

George argues that we should be more prudent with our financial institutions. ‘Credit Ratings’ should be made more secure, credit lines should be properly managed etc… very good George, but you just haven’t gone far enough.

The point here is not that the markets need to be controlled. The real point is that we need to change content of our very own desires! Long shot. Manipulating the market cannot solve the basic human tendency to acquire more for himself. By your very own admission, human ingenuity will find ways to go around any type of regime, good, bad or ugly.

The desire to be responsible must be inate. To that I only know mediation, exploration of the self, the creation of space, between action & thought and between thought & being.


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