Ecce Homo (Nietzsche) & Banglore

India brings me good luck. On my trip to Delhi I discovered Krishnamutri, and what a find that was. And, now my recent trip to Banglore, it was a discovery of Nietzsche through his autobiography Ecce Homo. A masterful piece of work!

Ecce Homo
Ecce Homo

Again, I’ve done the same as I have done before, a little research on Wikipedia & the readers comments on Amazon and again I am amazed how everyone seems to miss what is most important. Academic descriptions, incredible details of the surface structure, but no depth. Nietzsche goes incredibly deep in this book, blatantly deep, so much so that one misses the fact.

To me at least Nietzsche is really talking about shedding of illusion and dropping of Ideals. ALL IDEALS. His attacks on Christianity and morality are just ancillary, just surface dressings to reach a mediocre audience that he has already assumed to be his readers. The man has a lot more in store and is almost suffering under his own ability to express what he means. What he is overwhelmingly clear about is, that we live from the body and that proper care of that is paramount. His last paragraph reads

“The concept of ‘soul’, ‘spirit’, finally even ‘immortal soul’, invented so as to despise the body, so as to make it sick-‘ holy’ -so as to bring to all the things in life which deserve serious attention, the question of nutriment, residence, cleanliness, weather, a horrifying frivolity!”

It is this that ‘deserves’ serious attention.

And he ends with

“- Have I been understood? – Dionysos and the Crucified”

All in all, the book is beautiful and mad, totally mad!


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