python, Nietzsche, and the rest of it….

About once a year, I am bombarded by intuition. It’s a wonderful thing. Usually spurred on by some unusual event, my mind bends in ways unforeseen and quirky, enjoyable things tend to happen. In the last two days I have witnessed a mild resurgence of this kind of event. My insights this year have been less obvious, more micro-insights than revelation-ary insight, and they have been standard, rather than innovative.

Finally I am beginning to understand a large part of the ‘theory of special relativity’ something I always struggled with. With number theory for Real numbers, object orientation with Python and memory organization on hardware. Hardly awe inspiring, but quirky and cool for the mind that is getting there.

Nietzche has been a joy, I am currently enjoying the Journey’s of Zarathustra, finding my Ubermensch,

Still, some things have to be seen to be believed, and for me, the sheer magnitude, ingenuity, and awe-inspiring audacity of the LHC didn’t fully register until I watched the short explanatory video below…


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