Anatomy of Fear

I did my first ever piece of Journalism yesterday which by incident also gave me a brief glimpse into the anatomy of fear. Quite illuminating. It really gave me an appreciation of what journalist go through everyday to uncover the stories that they do.

I was helping a older, well educated man yesterday on a mission that could have got me into a lot of trouble, the realisation of this as we started our mission got me for a second, stone cold with fear. It was the moment of realisation of danger, that it could be lurking around any dark corner and that it could attack me at any moment without recourse. It was also the realization that consequences were greater than the good I was doing. I was taking a bigger risk than it was worth.

Yet I pursued with my mission. Why? Because I was supported by a moral sense of duty, a duty that said, the risk and sacrifice is worth it and because I felt that I had gone beyond the point of no return. That truth is more important than personal comfort. It is not that I transcended fear, I did not, I felt low and worthless and yet I continued out of compulsion.

This brings me to another point of thought. So many of us, live inside our zones of comfort because of real and imagined threats. I can imagine that real danger does confront the palestian moderate who is against Hamas in the gaza strip, I can also imagine the unreal danger of a smoker who is too scared to quit. But how do we transcend this fear, how do we go about doing what we know to be worthwhile or true?

I had a lot of fun yesterday too. After the mission was over, there was such a sense of joy and commradeship. My question to you is this, do you feel that you are living inside your confort zone and that you are controlled by your fears or are these just words on my blog that have no meaning to you.

Are you willing to explore areas outside your comfort zone?


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