The Real Personal Computing Revolution.

Sometime back now I wrote about a personal dream of mine. I wanted to create (or for there to be available) a computing system that was both powerful and programmable by most people. By most people I really mean by almost all people above the age of 10 – 15.

For example:

  1. The technology of reading and writing was once considered the domain of experts, read history if you don’t believe me.
    Look where it is now. Later, you could only publish with the help of Publishers. Where is that model today.
  2. Art was only for artists such as Michelangelo, currently my 2-year-old is participating with computer aid design
  3. Music was only for professionals, now your 15-year-old and produce quality music in a garage with a pc and a few peripherals.
  4. International telecommunication was only for statesman and the like…. hmm?

The list goes on and on, I bet you can think of even better ones.

But what about programmable computing? Anyone involved in the discipline knows that we are so close and yet so far. Computers are much easier to program today than even 10 years ago but I feel more needs to be done.

I think we need something like a modern Smalltalk, that plays well with Browser and integrates easier with the rest of the OS environment, that runs equally well on Mobile devices.

We need a Real Personal Computing Revolution, one that works so well, that people over the world literally program their own computers, powerful computers with personally written powerful software. I envisage the day that you are sitting around the dinner table with your mum and 8-year-old sister, discussing about the latest software they wrote that interfaces with the international ecology lab by sending soil sample data (also automatically collected)  for the home garden. How cool!

Over and Out,


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