Are we Robots?

I was recently talking to some people about a book I am reading and I recommend
that you have  a look at it.

It called “Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential” by Ted

The funny thing is not the book in itself but the conversation I was
having about it and the way in which in ended.

Perhaps I have this
effect on everyone but I do find this kind of thing happens a lot to me.

We (me and my co-conversationalists) were talking about who Ted Chu was and how he got about writing this book, (I find the Story really quite fascinating and you can find the interview with him here:) when with sudden sharp twist the subject in which we were speaking came to end mid-sentence and everyone talked about something completely different.

Something totally unrelated… about whether to
wear sunscreen or not and how much. Yes truly interesting I know!

Whats worse is that it is as if the previous conversation never actually happened. No one asked, “Oh, what was it we were talking about when we got interrupted?”, or something like that.

We never returned to the subject. It was lost in ether. Never comprehended or explored.

I think, often, it must be because I am talking way over everyone’s heads. Or is it? I can’t tell.

Are people like Robots? Are they really conscious most of the time or
are they just repeating patterns previously learned?

I think they must be, repeating patterns that is. Thinking is work that just doesn’t
need to be done.

The conversations I like to deal with often require thinking. And truth be told, thinking is actually quite difficult.

Difficult for me, and I try to do it with professional and religious zeal.

Or perhaps I am just boring. This is also a grave possibility that I need to consider!

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